AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies [Menu Mod] For Android

AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies [Menu Mod] For Android


AU2 Mobile—the newest, most fashionable and playable dance & rhythm game. It’ll bring the top gaming experience for players.

1) Baby system-Too cute to Quit!Witness the Miracle of Babies.
2) In the unique idol trainee system you and your buddy will debut as super idols;
3) Developed with Unity 3D engine, the character model and the clothes have the most exquisite texture and dazzling special effect comparable to CG animation.
4) The hottest music that is continuously updated let you exude your charm freely in the beats.
5) The classic dancing moves of pop stars restored in the game get you closer to your favorite idols.
6) In the originated Trail Mode, express your love with every beat.
7) Unlimited combinations of fashions enable you to change your look from traditional and classic to modern and stylish.
8) Meet players around the world; find the perfect one in your heart to be your partner and have a romantic island wedding.
9) Anytime anywhere, the adorable elves will always keep your company and make you the center of the stage.

Now the flashlights are ready, DJs are in place, and the audiences are waiting.
C’mon my idol,…

AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies Mega Mod

Name: AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies

Chplay: AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies – Mega Mod

Mod Feature:

– AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies Mod apk

– AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies One Hit

– AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies God Mode

– AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies Unlimited Money

– AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies Unlimited Coins

– AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies Unlimited Gems

– AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies Mod Menu


AU2 Mobile(EN)-Lovely Babies Mega Mod

09:09 - 19/09/2019

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