Manga Allstar [Menu Mod] For Android

Manga Allstar [Menu Mod] For Android


Fancied by million ACG players! The most popular manga Mobile Game of 2019!

Ceaseless darkness breaks the peace of dimension! Warriors are gathered to sweep the darkness! The Knight King has come upon your summon to be the sword of you, my Master! Fight with your goddess and rule the mecha world in the manga card game Manga Allstar!
As the protagonist, you'll bet all your dreams and honors to fight against [Mechanic Emperor]. Through Train, Evolve, Cultivate, Feed and other plays, you'll get much growth in pieces of time. With the principle of bending God and in the age of cute girls, the game is simple! Crude! But interesting! Brilliant Institute, Orchid Institute, Divine·Caesar Institute and Akihabar·Nighty Institute build a team together to fight in mecha dimension: Forward!

Game Feature
Get HIGH of brand new plays! Awake in a mecha with huge Shapeshift!

* Fantastic Graphics – Magnificent visual effects are as enjoyable as the original animation!
* Combination – Hundred mixtures of skills to chase the highest honor for yourself!
* Collection – All classic manga characters wait to be found and trained by Master!
* Plunder -…

Manga Allstar Mega Mod

Name: Manga Allstar

Chplay: Manga Allstar – Mega Mod

Mod Feature:

– Manga Allstar Mod apk

– Manga Allstar One Hit

– Manga Allstar God Mode

– Manga Allstar Unlimited Money

– Manga Allstar Unlimited Coins

– Manga Allstar Unlimited Gems

– Manga Allstar Mod Menu


Manga Allstar Mega Mod

chutunglam, 15:03 - 11/03/2019

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